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Minibus carrying government workers targeted in Kabul

Kabul police claimed eight people were injured and taken to hospital as a result of the attack.


3 Nov 2022

On November 2, 2022, an explosion was reported in Police District 5, Kabul, at around 0800 local time. According to Aamaj News, the target of the attack was a minibus transporting employees of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. Shafaqna, an international Shiite news website, reported that Khalid Zadran, the Kabul Police Spokesperson, claimed eight people were injured and taken to hospital as a result of the attack. AW investigators could not visually confirm the number of victims.


A photo of the minibus that, according to Zadran, was allegedly targeted by a roadside mine was shared by Salam Watandar, an Afghan radio network, and geolocated below by AW investigators.

Figure: Geolocation of the minibus explosion in Kabul, Police District 5. [34.523861, 69.119548]

Although it is not possible to see the damage due to the distance and quality of the image, it is possible to observe the presence of the fire brigade and a towing vehicle near the minibus, which could indicate the severity of the damage to the vehicle.


As of November 3, 2022, no groups have claimed this attack.


There have been similar incidents previously reported and analysed by AW targeting alleged civilians in Kabul:


  •  On April 30, a bus transporting civilians was targeted by a magnetic mine in Police District 3, Kabul. The incident was claimed by ISKP.

  • On June 11, a minivan was hit by a mine as it was transporting government workers in Police District 12, Kabul. The incident was also claimed by ISKP.

  • On September 1, a restaurant where government workers were having lunch was hit by an explosion. The incident occurred in Police District 3 in Kabul. The explosion was blamed on a gas canister and no group claimed the attack.

  • On October 8, a minibus carrying government workers was targeted by a roadside mine in Police District 5, Kabul. No group claimed the attack.

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